We put our home on the market today. We have no idea as to where we will be going, but we are hoping for a good outcome in selling and we look forward to new and exciting changes.

You can view our listing on: http://www.rmls.com/
The # is 8085972.


Sprinker fun and Popsicles too!

Ethan shared his first Popsicle with daddy and had his first run through the sprinklers this past week, obviously this is the first time we have watered the lawn this summer.

After a long day of playing, Ethan finally is off to sleep. He always has his monkey Riley with him, but likes to cuddle with his new puppy also.


Playtime with Daddy

Ethan loves playing with his daddy and has been very happy the past 4 days with Jeff being at home. Jeff had arthroscopic knee surgery this past week to repair a tear in his right knee. Ethan has been by his side every waking minute and had major crying episodes when Jeff has left the room without him. I think from now on we will have to keep Ethan occupied and keep daddy out of his sights when Jeff goes back to work. Ahhh to be loved.

Big water bowl for Copper

Our great friends, Kit, Melinda and Thomas have always been so helpful and generous in all the hand-me-downs that they have given us for Ethan, we love them and Thank them so much for all their help. Today they gave us their sandbox/swimming pool that has a bench, table and umbrella attached to it. It is a huge water bowl for Copper, but Ethan had a blast playing in the water.


Fun at the water park

Yesterday we had a 90+ degree day so we went with mommies friend Amy and Ethan's best buddy, Hunter, to the water park in Oregon City. Ethan was not interested at first but eventually he was completely soaked and having a blast running around with Hunter.


Always into something...

Since I can only get something accomplished while Ethan is sleeping, I decided to start painting our bedroom earlier this week. I had used up the can of paint but since Ethan is generally not upstairs I didn't put the lid back on and just let it dry out (or so I thought). Yesterday, I had Ethan upstairs with me while I brushed my teeth. He was in the bathroom with me when I started brushing but by the time I was done he was gone. This is when I noticed that my bedroom door was open and out came Ethan with paint all over his little hands, face and overalls.
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