Nothing like fall/spring cleaning...

I love things clean and organized, unfortunately with working outside of the house I haven't been able to keep my cleaning up to my own standards.  This past weekend, however, we got a good start by taking a massive load to goodwill: 29 garbage bags, 1 box, 2 bins and 1 bucket all full as well as a toddler bike, almost all of it baby stuff.  Yes, sad to say it, but Ethan won't get to have a brother or sister, so we are very thankful for great close friends and his cousins. 

 Our boy, love him to pieces and he drive me so crazy at times, but anyway i digressed...just before I started working out of the house and my mom came to take care of Ethan for the summer, we needed a bed for her to sleep on so we purchased Ethan a loft bed from IKEA.  The 1st day he loved it and since then has severely hated it.  He has never been a good sleeper so I am every hopeful that his nightly fighting to go to bed would pass, however, nearly 8 months later and still complaining, so Saturday we listed the bed on craigslist and went back to IKEA to see if we could find something better.  He also got a new dresser and desk to go with it.  Now if he can just keep his room clean, maybe one of the dogs will go cuddle with him...and not take his toys under the deck.