Let the countdown begin!!!

Ethan kept asking us how many days until we get to go to Grammie's & Papa's houses? (our parents only live a few blocks from each other). So we decided to start a countdown so he would know when it is time for us to go to the airplane.  Across the top of the TV is 44 pieces of candy, with the last day being a gigantic jawbreaker, which will be entertaining to watch him eat.  We are very excited to get to fly home for Christmas this year and be with both of our families, with an added bonus of not having to spend 4 days in the car, and I am equally excited to get to see one of my best girlfriends get married the day before we leave.  I better get busy, the fast approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays will be here before I know it!!

And with all 44 pieces of candy, E decided he better run on the treadmill to keep his slim figure...and Phineas and Ferb are always a great watch...silly boy even put his water cup in the drink holder (he can't reach it mind you, but he was trying to be like mommy).

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amy :) said...

LOVE the candy idea & you know how i love count downs too. :) happy days ahead, cant wait for xmas this year! love ya k!