Foxtail...where did you come from?!?

After almost a month of being on expensive antibiotics with minimal success, Charlie was taken to surgery today to see what was causing the lump in his face...a fox tail.  Not sure where it came from but as he will eat anything I am glad they found something when scoping around. 

 This picture doesn't do it justice, it was the size of a tennis ball before we took him in for surgery today.
The cone is hysterical...I really feel bad for him as he walks with obstructed peripheral vision...but it makes me laugh.
 I think this is going to be a messy weekend.

Note to Charlie...please quit eating anything you can find, lets stick to dog food and treats please.


The Springer's said...

Aww poor boy! That cone is too much, lol. Hope he heals fast!

Billy said...

Poor baby. The cones are so fun!

The Houston Family said...

Oh that is sad! Glad the problem was solved though.