Batman birthday with friends

As Ethan will be spending his actual birthday as well as most of July in Utah with both sets of Grandparents, and summer plans are quite busy for all of us, we celebrated tonight with our close friends at a Batman themed birthday party.

 Joker juice with bat ice cubes
 Treasure hunt with the clues leading to the bat pinata...

 Answer: Plum tree in the front yard.

 Answer: Penguin (in the freezer)
 Answer:  Mom's computer

 Answer: Ethan's bed
 Answer:  The garage

 A co-worker of mine, Linda, is quite a seamstress and made me this shirt and cape for the party

 Ethan and Joel - Joel just graduated from 8th grade at St. Therese and is also Ethan's babysitter.  They had had lots of fun at school as well as at our house and he and Ethan have become good friends. 
 The 3 most handsome boys I know....Hunter, Peyton & Ethan
 Mommy & Ethan (where did the past 6 years go?)
 Our besties

 Dad's - Brandon & Aaron finally had their turn after each of the kids hit is twice with no luck of it breaking.

Aaron & baby Watson (6-months old)

 Always gets a new Boston Red Sox hat from Mommy

 Ethan's 1st birthday party

Ethan's 6th birthday party

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