Today we had a busy day but got a lot accomplished and had a little fun as well.  First thing this morning we were at the gym, then off to home depot for a new pot and soil, then tree rearranging, then a pedicure and eyebrow wax for Mommy, Pizza from Giuseppe's for dinner and now an evening of movies.

Jeff made a very nice looking wheeled stand for our new pot.  When Jeff and I bought our house 9 years ago next week, our friend Kit bought us a Japanese Maple tree as a house warming gift.  It has since been moved now for the third time to this new pot and hopefully will continue to grow. 

While moving this tree as well as putting another tree in its former place Ethan found the worms...and he was loving it!

Check out the length on this worm....totally disgusting to me but he was having a great time.

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