Personally I think Gnomes are kind of creepy weird. Although, the gnome in the Travelocity commercials does make me laugh at times.  Anyway...While at work one day, my husband, who never tells anyone anything about himself, especially co-workers, told someone that he thought gnomes were kind of cool during a conversation and shortly after they latched onto that small tidbit of information and suddenly all kinds of gnome related "crap" started appearing in his office including an almost 3 foot tall gnome.  When Jeff cleaned out his office at the end of last year to transition to his new job (in the same office) he brought the gnome home. Why?? I have no idea.  Ethan thought it was cool to have a person his same size but it totally freaked out Copper and after the first night I had Jeff put it up in the attic of the garage.  Well, after my crashing skills through the garage door and the new ones being installed we decided to finally start putting some of the boxes away from our hope of moving filled attic, and Ethan soon spotted the gnome.  He was complete scared, apparently forgetting that they were friends just months ago, and ran out of the garage.  Jeff brought the gnome down and talked Ethan into becoming friends again telling him that the gnome would keep our house safe.  They then placed "Schmidty the gnome" in my flower garden in the front yard.  (I am hoping that some random punk kids comes along this summer thinking they are really funny for stealing it from our yard...well, the joke is on you dumb punk kids, just don't stick it in Bernadine's yard with her pink flamingo's because I don't want him staring at me from across the street wanting to come back home!)

 He and Ethan are best buds again and every time we go out front he has to go see him. 

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The Springer's said...

He looks good hiding under your rhody there! AHHH, Bernadine. Forgot about her flamingos! haha