Kate has a new job!

The last 2-1/2 years I have worked at OHSU in the Perinatology Clinic aka high-risk OB and for the most part I have really enjoyed the job as well as the people that I have worked with.  About 6 months after I started working there, I was asked to take on a second job becoming the office assistant for the Childbirth Education program.  To make both jobs work with picking Ethan up from school by 3pm, I opted to begin my day at 6am, which for the most part was not bad with the exception of the 4am alarm.  It gave me lots of new opportunities to work with different people and projects.  About a month or so ago it was decided that the Childbirth Education office assistant position would be combined with a new admin assistant position and therefore my hours would be cut.  I decided that between paying to park $13/day as well as union dues for a part-time job, that I would check out what other possibilities might be available.  I accepted a position back with Legacy Health Systems at Emanuel Hospital as an office assistant for the Outpatient Rehab Department.  My last day with OHSU is 10/21/14 and my first day with Legacy will be 10/27/14.  

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