Parent/Teacher conference & school picture

Jeff and I went to meet with Ethan's 2nd grade substitute teacher for his first parent/teacher conference at Sacramento Elementary.  His teacher, Mrs. Foreman, has been on maternity leave since school started and will be back after Christmas break so we don't yet know how her teaching will differ from the substitute.  Mrs. Guthrie has been the substitute and really is a nice lady who had many good things to say about Ethan during this conference.  Of course, he has broken out of his shell and has made a few friends as well as likes to talk, but overall she stated that he was doing well and right where he should be.  I have struggled with this school as their communication for anything is non-existant and very difficult for me to adjust to with it being the complete opposite of St. Therese.  Time will tell but hopefully at the end of the school year he will still right where he should be.

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