Time to party!!

Today we celebrated Ethan's upcoming 4th birthday with his best buddies, Peyton, Hunter, and Violet.  We had a spectacular time playing at Bullwinkle's and then a picnic for lunch with birthday treats and presents.   
Ethan said "we can made a birthday hat out of paper like Special Agent Oso," however, mommy had already made Ethan a birthday shirt and bought him a new B hat for his birthday instead.

Ethan, Peyton and Violet rode the go karts while Hunter played mini golf.  We played lots of arcade games and played in playland.

Ethan needs to be a bit taller and gain a little weight in order to really work the rope swing, but he managed the best he could. 

Nicole, Peyton, Jeff and Ethan riding the motion ride.

 Birthday treats - Rice Krispy treat popsicle and Oreo cookie balls

Ethan also got some great birthday presents from his friends, Star Wars Lego's from Violet, Cars 2 Lego's and Cars 2 Finn McMissile from Petyon, Beach toys and a Lightening McQueen flashlight from Hunter and a cash register from Grandma Carol (Hunter's Grandma).

After Bullwinkle's, Violet and Shelly joined the 3 of us to see Cars 2.  It was a cute show but both Jeff and I thought the 1st Cars movie was better.  Ethan and Violet had quite a good time together and as we were walking back to the car had to hold a hand with someone, so why not each other.  It was really cute!

Thanks to all our friends who joined us today...we had a great time celebrating with you!


Stephanie said...

awe...four already! Happy Birthday E! Looks like a fun day!

poopsie said...

:) what a GREAT day...bullwinkles was such a great idea and your picnics are always wonderful! love you guys so much!

The Springer's said...

We had tons of fun, thanks again!