Quit eating random things!

It is always something with Mr. Charlie.  He is one fast sneaky little dog that hopefully soon will grow out of puppy stage...doubting it but crossing our fingers and toes anyway.

Tuesday evening I was petting the crazy dog, as he happened to be holding still for longer than 10 seconds, and it felt like the right side of his face was bigger than the left side.  It did appear to bother him or be painful but on Wednesday morning it seemed to be even bigger so I called the vet and took him in to see what might be the problem.  The vet thinks that maybe he have chewed a stick or something that poked inside somewhere and $75 worth of antibiotics and warm compresses several times a day later, hopefully the swelling will go down within the next week or so.  His lesson of course was short-lived, yesterday afternoon he was back at his sneaky tricks of taking who-knows-what underneath the deck.  Now that summer is finally arriving lattice will be covering the base of the deck soon so he will have to find a new hiding place.


amy :) said...

ha ha ha ha....
but i was hoping this was a posting of you in a dress :)

Anonymous said...

Just keep him away from the foxtails.. we have spent over $1000 getting them removed from Pumpkin's throat.. i hate those stupid weeds, and they must just look like candy or something to her.