The past 5 fun-filled weeks Ethan, Copper and I spent in Hurricane, Utah, with our families and we finally made it back home Saturday after a 2-day, 18-hour drive. Ethan and Copper did awesome on our way home, with Ethan only crying for 10 minutes or so at 10:30 pm when he was so overtired and ready to be out of the car, not that we blame him we were all antsy to get out of the car.

Ethan had such a good time with G&G Berg, G&G Hadley,and all his aunts, uncles and cousins. We miss them already. We are hoping to go back for Christmas but will have to wait and see if Daddy's work schedule will allow that. We are very thankful for G&G Hadley letting us stay at their house with Copper. Copper also had a great time playing with Brian & Lexie's dog Pumpkin in the river, lake, and irrigation water at the school.

This picture made me laugh so I had to share it...Jeff and I went and saw Ice Age 3 in 3D while we were on vacation. Ethan thinks the glasses are really cool and puts them on constantly, notice his nose scrunched trying to hold them on.

While Ethan, Copper and I were gone Daddy changed Ethan's crib to his new big boy bed (Thanks again to Kit, Melinda and Thomas) and Sunday night was his first night knowing that he was sleeping in it. He did AWESOME! I was, and still am, afraid that we would be in for a battle of wills in order to get him to go to sleep, but I carried him in his room, laid him down like our normal night routine and didn't hear from him at all. Tonight the same thing happened, although he didn't have a nap today. I am hoping that this will continue since the only time I can work is when he is asleep.

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