Ethan had his 2-year-old check up today. He decided to be really shy and quiet for his visit with the doctor but warmed up once Dr. H examined Riley first. He is now 25 pounds and 34 inches tall. He is still in the 20th percentile for his age group but he is doing great and will be a tall, lean boy. He only had to get one shot today and we don't have go back until he turns 3.

Before his appointment today we met Amy and Hunter at IKEA for breakfast and shopping. I bought Ethan a new table that is just perfect for him to eat and play at. Since he has turned 2, it has been a major event to get him to sit in a high chair of any kind so rather than it be a catastrophic event we got him his own table and so far he likes it.

We apparently brought the hot weather of Hurricane back with us for at least a couple of days. We had record setting temperatures of 106 and 107 degrees last week and Ethan and Daddy decided to try out the sprinklers.

Since Ethan and I have been gone for most of the summer we came home to all the beautiful flowers blooming in our front yard. Calla Lilies are my favorite but they haven't quite bloomed all the way so I took a picture of our Stargazer Lilies, Dahlias and Gladiolus instead.

Cala Lilies
Stargazer Lilies



george said...

Ethan is huge. Those flowers are so pretty. I must admit, for living in such a rain forest your lawn looks a little yellow. You guys should do some work on that already.

J, K, E & C Hadley said...

HA - we need to put in a sprinkler system on the lawn, we only have spinklers in the flowers. It is supposed to rain here for the next few days so hopefully that will help.