Hood River Gravenstein Apple Days

Today we drove up to Hood River to see check out Gravenstein Apple days....It wasn't as intriguing as I would have hoped, but we had a good time anyways. We went to three different locations within the "fruitloop". The "fruitloop" is a 35-mile scenic drive through the farmlands. They have 34 different locations to check out (orchards, fruit stands and winerys).

The first location we went to had u-pick fruit, which Ethan would have liked, however, he was asleep in the car and from experience we know it is best to let him sleep. We tried a slice of apple but it was really tart and since we don't bake apple pies we passed on the apples.

The second location we went was Cody Orchards Farm Stand. They had a variety of fruits and veggies to pick from as well as cider pressing, hay rides and little cars & trucks for the little ones to play with while Mommy and Daddy picked out fruit, which Ethan really liked. We bought some peaches, pears, squash, and corn. Ethan really really liked the peach. He ate almost the entire thing and was very sticky afterwards. He has started to say "mmm" when eating or drinking something that he likes. It is really funny.

The third location was Draper Girls Country Farm. It definitely was best out of the three. It had a large fruit stand as well as u-pick, horse rides and goat/sheep feeding. Ethan and I fed the sheep and goats. He can't quite figure out how to cup his hand so I had him put the food in my hand to feed them rather than him dropping it on the floor.

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