WOW, we have had a busy month and I haven't done much blogging or picture taking. We were really looking forward to our first camping trip with Ethan last weekend, however, we all got the flu instead and spent most of the weekend recovering from that. This was the first time that Ethan had been throw-up sick and boy were we in for it. He got sick in the middle of the night on Tuesday and within a couple of hours we had changed the sheets on his bed twice, our bed once, used every towel in house and had three baths. By morning he was completely fine so I thought maybe it was something he ate and so I thought we would still be able to go camping. Thursday I loaded the entire car so that Friday morning we could drop off Copper and pick up Jeff to head to the beach. I was having a hard time falling asleep on Thursday night and then about 2:30 am I got sick and was sick all day Friday. Jeff then got it on Saturday. By Sunday we were all feeling much better.

On Sunday we decided that we would again cut out some of the wall leading upstairs so that we could attempt to get the headboard of our bed upstairs. Our mattresses and bottom board of our bed have been upstairs but the headboard was another story. We got the wall cut out in a short period of time and then decided we would try to get the headboard upstairs. Cutting the wall out was the easy part. After a lot of HEAVY lifting, we made it!



We cut the wall so it is about 4 inches from the stairs on the other side. It really helped open everything up and we are so excited to have our bedroom back upstairs and not have the 6-piece set scattered throughout the house (all but 2 pieces are now in our bedroom).

Final result...our master suite is really quite large and now once again we can take full advantage of it.

Today we met our friends Amy/Hunter, Nicole/Peyton and Sherri/Miles at the zoo. All the boys had a great time running around and kept us mom's hopping. We always have gone as soon as they open for the day and the animals are always so happy to see everyone.

All three boys checking out the bobcat information.

Ethan taking a ride down the tree slide.

Water turtles.


Good thing they have the tractor and other construction equipment at the zoo or the boys would think we were there to see the animals!

Trying to get all three boys to look at the camera at the same time - HA! Nice try.

Stopping for some snacks.

Ethan's favorite...the Orangutan's. This one has been at the window every time we have been to the zoo.

Cooling off while running through the misters.

Today we were able to see the elephants play in the water. This was the first time we have this is. They looked like they were having so much fun.

Stopping for snacks and a drink.


And we always have to stop by mommy's favorite - the giraffe's.

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george said...

Looks like you guys had a wicked good time. I am glad you guys finally decided to cut down the wall. Its exactly what I would have done. Thats the beauty of owning your own house.