First time to the dentist

Ethan had his first trip to the Pediatric dentist today. With my job I type a lot of pediatric dental surgeries with extractions and such so I wanted to be proactive. He did pretty well considering it is the dentist. She did an exam, cleaning and fluoride treatment. She said that he still had one 2-yr molar coming but overall his teeth and gums looked really good. He did especially well with the fluoride treatment, as it was cherry flavored and had to say his "mmm" when he was all done.

Like all good mom's do after going to the dentist, I took him out for ice cream....JUST KIDDING! He had his first Baskin Robbins ice cream cone (chocolate on a sugar cone) on Saturday. He hasn't figured out that you have to lick the ice cream constantly so it doesn't melt all over you but he really liked it. I thought the pictures were funny so I had to share.

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