Handy Ethan and fun in the sun.

Several years ago, before Ethan existed, I bought a metal Tonka dump truck that came with a hard hat and sand tools. It has been in a box for many years along with most of the rest of our house as we have been trying to sell for the last couple of years. Last weekend Daddy found it in the garage attic while looking for something else and brought it inside for Ethan. He loves it! He really really likes the hat and has been wearing it every chance he can for several days now. For a baby gift someone gave us a children's tool belt like Papa Berg wears. I put it on Ethan the other day while he was wearing his hard hat and he knew exactly what to put in it as one of his favorite shows is Handy Manny.

Ethan trying to put the hat on Copper, he is not so enthused about it.

The last couple of days we have had wonderful weather so yesterday Ethan, Copper and I headed to the park. I was able to get Ethan to wear his sunglasses for longer than 2 seconds.

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The Springer's said...

Very cute-love the pictures on the swing. His facial expressions are hilarious!