Packing and To-Do Lists are made, bags are laid out, and shopping is done.  Jeff makes fun of me for my list making and packing skills, and we are complete opposites when it comes to both, but my skills have yet to fail us and so it begins.  Almost all the gifts I ordered online and shipped to my parents house so we won't have to pack them there but I have extra bags to bring things home.  This is a new experience for us with flying rather than driving this year, with its advantages and disadvantages, the biggest plus is not having to spend 36 hours and 4 days in the car.
(Yes, that is the futon laid out and covered in bags)

The upcoming 22 days are going to go fast with several things planned to keep us busy and yesterday we started off the busyness with lunch and gift exchange for the boys & Olivia met at Red Robin.  With Ethan and Peyton being on a different school schedule than Hunter it has been harder to get the three of us together for play-dates but we make the most of our time when it happens.  

And to continue in the holiday spirit, Ethan and I tried out a new recipe yesterday afternoon, red velvet & white chocolate chip cookies.  It is Girls weekend at the beach starting tomorrow so Ethan helped me make and test out this recipe before taking them.  Ethan loves to help in the kitchen, especially the tasting...


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Stephanie said...

So? How were they? Is that a pinterest recipe? Let me know if they're worth making! Looks like you have a fun holiday ahead! Seriously though, where did we get the OCD from? Not Grandma- was your mom more like that?