We had a massive snow storm the second weekend in February and the city shut down.  Ethan had fun playing in it but the dogs were not interested.

 So we made the most of being stuck inside and were silly...

 And who doesnt take a nap in this comfy position?!?

The snow was gone within 2 days and the next weekend we went to Walport for a beach weekend with the Hall/Seifert clan.  On our way, we stopped in Salem to pick up Jeff and Ethan had his very own field trip of the lab.  He got his own lab coat and got to make his own slide from his mouth being swabbed as well as making a wax tissue block.

We then made our way to Waldport for a 2-night stay.  It was a cold & windy weekend but nice to get away regardless.  We checked out the OSU aquarium and almost blew away on the beach.

 Our view of the beach from the front window of the beach house.

Ethan & Hunter

 Aaron & I about to get blown away

Jeff getting ready to become a kite.

And finally topped off our month with date night with the H's
Desi, Amy & I...I love these girls!

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