Thankful #7

Music - It is been a big part of my life.  I love all types of music and I, like my son, can't not sing along or start to dance whenever I hear it.  I learned to play music by ear instead of by the notes themselves and could play almost anything by listening to it a few times.  I learned to play the piano very young and in sixth grade I picked the flute to play in the school band.  I played it all through middle school and high school.  While I haven't played either the piano or flute in many years I long to have the time and ability again someday.  Another one of my goals in life is to eventually learn to play the guitar that my parents gave me for high school graduation 16 years ago.  

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Stephanie said...

I love that about us... we really have so much in common, it's no wonder we're family. I miss you! I'd love to see you again soon, but I'm so glad you keep up the blog so I'm not out of the loop totally!