For the month of November I made it a goal to lessen our eating out for Dinner.  For years Jeff and I have eaten out for way to many meals, which while at times has been convenient, it has made Ethan believe that you can only get certain food items from a restaurant and it has contributed to our not-so-healthy lifestyle...apparently we need to make a change for all our sakes.  So I started off the beginning of the month with a menu calendar, adding some regular dinner staples, some new recipes and even my first crock-pot meal, all of which turned out really well, with the exception of one.

With today being the last day of November, I can proudly say that I have made a home-cooked meal for 23 of the 30 days of this month.  I plan to continue this goal into the upcoming year, hopefully finding new and healthy recipes, so if anyone has any recipes that they would like to share feel free to email them to me and I can email you some of our favorites as well.

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Stephanie said...

Get them coming! I'm in a food group Monday through Thursday, we eat out very little anymore. I have a ton of great recipes so I'll trade you for sure! I could use some new ones! I'll e-mail you some of my favorites!