Needs some sleep!?!

Daylight savings time is awful when you have a boy who is not so much a fan of sleeping to begin with.  Last night Jeff and I had him stay up an extra hour hoping that he would sleep longer this morning...BACK FIRE...He was crying at 2am wanting to get up and watch a movie...not going to happen...and then was up at 5:50 for good with much of the day so far crying and whining.  Let's hope he doesn't decide to take a nap today at 5:30 pm and start the same cycle over for tomorrow.  Insert sad face here...
However, we have had a few moments when he was very helpful and happy...like helping daddy cook him an egg for breakfast.

And he has also been very helpful with helping us get the bathroom reconstructed, he is great at handing us screws for the floor.  We were hoping to be farther along this weekend but the floor leveler and wall putty is taking longer than it should to dry.  It is very nice to have a solid floor back in there though and hopefully next weekend we will have the toilet back in use.


The Houston Family said...

A well rested baby sleeps well! We should all join Arizona and Hawaii and forget daylight savings!

Amy said...

oh yikes...no good! :(