Thankful #1

For the month of November I have been writing a comment on facebook each day for something I am thankful for, some serious, some goofy but thankful nonetheless.  With it being one week until Thanksgiving I would like to do the same on my blog.

My first gratefulness is for my husband, Jeff, of almost 14 years.  He is my best friend.  For all those who don't know him really well or are meeting him for the first time you will think that he is ultra quiet and shy, however, give him some time to warm up and you will love him.  He is smart, honest, funny, extremely handy having a great dad as a teacher, will help anyone in anyway that he can and he makes me laugh constantly.  We make a good team and I am so glad to share my life with him.  I love you Jeff!    

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amy seifert said...

that is very sweet kate, you found a good one :)