The past couple of weeks Jeff and I have been rearranging rooms, moving furniture and unpacking all the boxes that have been stored in the garage attic from when we were trying to sell the house.  It has been a lot of work, with a large car load to GoodWill, but is finally starting to come together and we are very close to being finished.

 My former office/guest bedroom, now back to guest room/exercise room.

My office above, Jeff's office below.  In the upstairs of our house we have an extra room just big enough for our offices with a windows view of Mt. Hood on a clear day. 

This morning while I finished getting the Christmas cards ready to mail, I let Ethan entertain himself with some Christmas stamps and crayons.  If you don't get a Christmas card, we don't have your address, email me and we will add you to the list for next year.

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amy s said...

looks great you guys! love how you are always moving stuff :)