Big Boy Bedroom

We finally got Ethan's big boy bedroom put together yesterday.  We have been cleaning out the boxes and furniture we have had stored in the garage attic while we were attempting to sell our house.  Ethan is now going to be sleeping on the daybed I had as a child, I just need to find something else to replace the brass knobs with so it doesn't look too girlish.  He is so excited to have a bed that he can jump on, read and play on and also has a spare bed underneath for a friend to sleepover.  He looks so small sleeping in this bed though.  We also were finally able to get all the pieces of our bedroom set upstairs and made use of a couple other stored cabinets for Ethan's dresser and puzzles.

Ethan say's his new bed is really comfy...apparently the dogs think so too!


Amy said...

looks great you guys!!!!

The Springer's said...

Looks great! And so organized! :)