October already?!?

While I love fall weather...and the month of October (my birthday month)...summer in Portland was really short and will be missed as rainy season here begins.  It has been a couple of busy weeks for us. Ethan has settled into preschool quite nicely and seems to really enjoy it, as does mommy with some time by herself, even if two of the three days I am working.  Ethan has learned to write several letters, upper and lower case (W,C,R,F,B and Y) and numbers (1-5).  He has also been practicing writing his first name and doing it very well, as well as continually practicing his adding and makes us laugh when he gets the answer right and says, "I am getting pretty good at this."

He has also been practicing his "exercisings."

Living in Oregon, the use of an umbrella is a rare occasion, usually only a massive downpour, as it usually takes longer to get it out to use than it does to just walk into wherever you are going...and who bothers to check to make sure their umbrellas are working when it is not raining?!?  However, Ethan classroom is a little jaunt from the parking lot and the use of an umbrella may be needed from time to time, so last week I put two umbrellas in my car.  Today was one of those morning and I had to laugh when we arrived at school as I pulled out one umbrellas and it wouldn't stay open so I tried the other one only to have the same problem...both umbrellas were broken.  He also was in need of new rain boots.  So after school today we went and got him some new rain boots and a new umbrella.  He is in love with his new rain boots and I can't get him to take them off...silly boy!


poopsie said...

love his workouts ha ha ha! :)

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