Beach bound!

J, E & I took a mini vaca this past weekend through the niceness of someone Jeff works with in the lab.  She offered us a weekend at her beach house in Twin Rocks for the thoughtfulness and caring that Jeff had shown her grandson several months back.  We left on Friday afternoon and made our first stop the Tillamook Cheese Factory..always a yummy place.  We then found our beach house, unpacked and headed to the beach.
 View from the beach house.
 View of the back of the beach house from the beach.  The bunk house is the small bldg on the right.

 Sunset on the beach.
Cake Batter was Ethan's favorite ice cream choice.  It rained all day Saturday and Sunday, unfortunately, so we made a second trip to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for ice cream and cheese samples, and then got a stack of movies from RedBox for entertainment. 

 Bunk house.
 Beach house.

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skoots1mom said...

first timer...
what a sweet family
love your pics of the beach...that bunk house looks neat, too

what a beautiful sunset
enjoyed it!