And now we can spell cereal

One of my new-found loves is Pinterest.  My cousin, Stephanie, sent me a linked invite and several of my friends also began raving about it so I finally had a few minutes to check it out and have been addicted ever since.  For those who do not know what it is, it is a collaboration of ideas and pictures of food, DIY projects, clothes, pictures, etc. that anyone can put on Pinterest and then I can "pin it" to my own pin boards to view, make, admire, etc.  Recent I have tried a couple of food items and some ideas for helping Ethan learn with good success.

My latest Pintest DIY was scrabble letters as magnets for the fridge...Ethan said he wanted to spell cereal, however, we only had the Leap Frog letters for the fridge, which give each letter only once, which has been perfect for him for a long time but we are now moving one.  He was very excited yesterday when I finally got all the magnets on the letters and now he can spell a variety of things (with a little help).
He is also doing an awesome job with addition.  He came to J & I a few weeks ago with 2 fingers on one hand and 3 fingers on his other hand asking what does 2+3 make.  We have since been quizzing him on what + what = and he has impressed all of us with this, now adding 5+5.  Now other ideas are flowing.  He is very excited to start Preschool this coming Monday.

My mom has been here visiting us for the past 7 days and will be here until Saturday.  We have had a fun several days even though we had to cancel a couple of things with friends as Ethan has had a cough for a week now that we can't seem to shake (we are going to visit Dr. H today to see what is up).

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Stephanie said...

I know...I have to pace myself! I have to use Pinterest as an award for getting all the other things done! It has given me soooo many great ideas!