First day of school

Ethan was excited to start school this morning, and to get to wear his new backpack, which is about the same size as he is.  He, along with his friend, Peyton, started preschool today at St. Therese, it is a PreK-8 Catholic school only a few minutes from our house. There are about 12 kids in their class and both he and Peyton will be go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.  His teacher is Ms. Horne and Ethan really likes her.  Uniforms are not required until Kindergarten, but we figured he may as well get used to them and then we don't have to have any confusion as to what is to be worn.  Their shirts are navy blue or white with khaki pants and tennis shoes.  He is one sharp looking boy!!  We are very proud of him today for being such a big boy and not crying.  We love you Ethan!!

 (after school pickup..apparently he doesn't like his shirt tucked in)

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