Oh our silly boy!

We actually get to watch the Utes play football on TV today, a rare occurrence, and it has been a great game so far.  Just before half time I asked Ethan if he was going to play football when he is bigger (being picky here, but I want to be a baseball or football mom not a soccer mom), he said yes, and so I asked him if he was going to be a Ute or a Duck?  He asked, what are those?  I then explained Utah Utes (where Daddy went) or an Oregon Duck (as we live in Oregon).  He then said he wanted to be a Duck, the said he wanted the team with the red helmet, and then ending the conversation with, "I am Batman today though."  His list of characters that he plays himself as well as assigns to others is nonstop entertaining.

A couple other giggles from E:

Last Friday I was dropping Ethan off at preschool, and as usual with every drop off, I have to remind him that he needs to be Ethan while at school and can be a character again when I pick him up.  While kissing him goodbye I asked him, "ok, who are we going to be while we are at school today?" He responded with, "I will be Ethan until you leave and then I will be Luke Skywalker."   

Earlier this week while out running some errands Ethan and I found a quarter, a dime and a nickel at different spots along the way.  I told Ethan to put them in his pocket so that he could put them in his jar when we got home.  A bit later he said he needed to save his moneys so that he could give them to Santa.  I asked him, "why are you saving your moneys for Santa?"  He explained that he had to give all his moneys to Santa so he would bring him some Star Wars Lego's for Christmas.  However, he has now moved from his constant Star Wars character to being Batman so I guess I need to ask if his Santa wish list has changed.

Yesterday E and I met Nicole and Peyton at the Children's Museum.  They are currently having a Lego exhibit, so of course we had to check it out.  I wish we had a Lego table, it would make playing and storing Lego's a bit easier.

 The grocery store is always a favorite spot for both boys.

 And you can't forget face painting.  Ethan said he was making his Batman mask.  I had to go to Target after we left, and yes, I was the mom with the blue faced boy laughing my way through.

 And the music stage is a must hit spot.  Nicole and I were entertained for sure.

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