Pumpkin carving

The Hyatt's threw a pumpkin carving party last night and we had a fun time making a pumpkin seed mess.

 A & A...♥ them!
 Kelly & Taylor
 Myself & Jeff
 Amy's owl pumpkin...hoot hoot!
 My warty pumpkin..hoping the seeds I saved from it will grow me one next year.
 One big pumpkin family!
 The Hadley clan of pumpkins (J's two-face, K's warty, and E's Happy)
 And Ethan, of course, provided the entertainment and showed off his dancing skills with Desi.  His robot dance was pretty good for a first time.

And nothing tops off a party like Destructor Charlie.  We came home today, after birthday lunch at Pine State Biscuits, to a missing Happy pumpkin with the only remnant being the vine.  Ethan did have a cute little pumpkin he grew in our garden before the Destructor got it though so I guess we will be getting another pumpkin and carving before Halloween.

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