The green has finally arrived...

After what feels like forever, our backyard is finally (other than a few minor things that Jeff can do by himself) finished.  We spent yesterday finishing up the cobblestone pathway and raking out the massive amount of rocks and this morning we fertilized the dirt and started laying our sod.  Five hours and 1700 sq. feet of sod later, we were covered in dirt and ready to run through the sprinklers.  My main goal this summer has been getting the yard done by this weekend so that next week, after having my right foot operated on, I can relax without leaving lots of work for Jeff to do all by himself.  We will now be relaxing on the deck, Coca-Cola in hand, for the remaining days of summer.

View from cement patio - Before

View from E's sandbox - Before

Ethan's hands in the last block of cement.

Planting the last tree in our yard - I got this Magnolia tree for $10.00, originally $50, at Lowe's...I love end of season for cheap plants/trees/flowers.

Hopefully this pumpkin will be Orange by Halloween, but we will definitely be making a trip to the Pumpkin Patch either way.

Ethan & Daddy playing in the sprinklers...Copper is keeping his distance...for now.

Ethan & Charlie


amy said...

wow you guys...awesome work!!!!

george said...

looks good. Its got to be a big relief to have that job out of the way.

The Springer's said...

WOW! It looks so good!!! Enjoy..