One week postop and Big Boy Pants for Ethan

Well it has been trying at times but overall hasn't been too bad for the first week of recovery considering the circumstances.  I had my first postop appointment this past Monday and my doctor said that it was looking really good.  I go back again next Thursday and should get the stitches removed, however, will still have to use the aircast and won't be able to walk around normally for a few more weeks.  For all those who haven't tried it, crutches or a walker with a toddler suck!  My mom has had a couple of different foot procedures over the last few years and has a really nice wheeled walker with a seat that she is lending me to help me get around...Jeff is not a fan of having to carry it up and down the stairs for me but it has made my life so much easier than using the crutches, especially after pulling myself backwards up the 13 stairs to my bedroom, but at least my arms are getting a good workout during this. 

My mom has been a great help with Ethan and for putting up with my dogs, we are very glad to have her help.  While I was having surgery last week she talked Ethan into wearing Big Boy Pants and he has been doing an AWESOME job of keeping them relatively accident free for 7 days straight.  I think his favorite part is getting to put the Cherrios in the toilet to aim at.  We are all very proud of him!  In my proactiveness to get as much done as possible before my mom came I bought a new box of Costco diapers, however, I also recycled the box so I may have to figure out a creative way to get another box and return them and get my $40 back...oh well, that is what I get for being a planner.

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The Houston Family said...

Ouch! Hope the surgery is a success and the pain is gone for good.