Back to normal...or at least we are pretending

Yesterday my mom flew back to Utah after a 2-week stay with us after my foot surgery.  We are very grateful for her offering to come help be my Chauffeur but most importantly, helping Ethan become fully potty trained, even at night...YAY for Grammie!!! Ethan is very excited for her to come back the first weekend in December and bring Papa Steve with her.

I had my 2-week postop and was hoping to get my sutures out this past Thursday, however, there was a little bit of drainage still so they will have to stay in another week-plus and I will go back on October 4th.  Life will still be slow for me getting around with this cast boot and either my mom's wheeled walker around the house or using crutches out of the house, but we will get there eventually.  But most excitedly I am able to drive again so this could get interesting.

Here is a nice picture of my swollen foot and incision, I had a plantar fascial release and nerve release.  On Thursday I finally was able to start putting some pressure on it while in the aircast, which is tender and I am totally limping but it is doable, however, my biggest complaint is not the incision but what feels like a constant Charlie Horse in my calf at all times....oh my golly talk about painful and wanting to cry.

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The Springer's said...

Ouchie! I hope you keep recovering quickly!