Our first camping trip...Loon Lake & Winchester Bay

This weekend we ventured out on our first family camping trip...I enjoy camping, Jeff not so much so we made the most of it by borrowed a friends ATV so that we could all go riding as well as camping.  We stayed at Loon Lake, about 20 miles from the coast (Reedsport), and aside from burning eyes from the camp fire smoke and having to use a nasty camping toilet, if you can even call that a toilet, we had a fun time.

Ethan helping daddy set up the tent.

Roasting marshmallows.

Riding at Winchester Bay.

We couldn't ride right down on the beach in this area of the dunes but still a really fun place to ride.

These people are definitely crazier than I am...not sure I would try it even if I had a more sporty quad as I like that all of my body parts work.

We wore him out, after almost 4 hours of riding he was asleep 2 minutes after putting him in the car.

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amy s said...

love the pics kate! glad you guys got to camp this year. girls camping sounds fun too! :)