My little helper

We have been enjoying quite a bit from our garden this summer (spinach, beets, a few carrots, a handful of blueberries and strawberries and lots of pea pods) and Ethan has done a great job of helping us pick them, especially the pea pods.  We had to replant the zucchini/squash as Copper, who previously has never dug, decided that he would start with the fresh dirt in the garden.  But they are definitely coming in now and I will be trying some zucchini out this evening for dinner.

If you know me well at all, you know that I can be quite OCD when it comes to cleaning and organizing.  If you don't know me, well, I like things overly clean and organized.  However, those tasks seemed to have become more difficult to get accomplished with a toddler and two dogs.  Now, yes, I have had two dogs previously so I can't really blame it on them even if they are two different dogs and they do contribute to it with the backyard full of dirt, but with Ethan's help of bringing in all kinds of things from outside I am amazed as to how difficult those tasks have become.  I am sure at some point he too will have a little bit of organization skills and cleaning skills, or so I can hope, just hopefully not to my crazy level, but in the mean time he has become quite a little helper with washing the windows and dusting and he is really good about putting his clothes in the hamper and cleaning up his toys before bedtime.


The Springer's said...

I need an organization 101 class taught by Kate! :)

Maura said...

I have stumbled across your blog and I enjoyed my visit! Your garden sounds delicious!!! I so wish I had a green thumb!