It's okay to laugh, Jeff and I surely have, however, our boy loves it so life is good.

Ethan's legs were getting to scrunched up in his bike carrier so we are going to let cousin Avery borrow it and therefore needed to figure out something new for Ethan.  He has gotten really good at his Lightning McQueen bike but would be hard for the three of us to go on a ride so last week I purchased a Trail-a-bike off craigslist.

As Ethan is not quite tall enough so we had to "modify the pedal system and seat." 

Wood blocks, screws, and toe clips strapping his feet in.

New riding gloves that are also too big for him but the smallest they make and we also had to turn the seat around to get it low enough...he had a great time though and that is what counts!!


Stephanie said...

That is sooo c1ute! I really did laugh out loud! My mom and I agree, he looks a lot like your little brother Doug!

... said...

hee hee...you know what...he had fun! love it!

Brittney said...

I have seen those bikes before. I think that they are a really good idea. Thanks for letting Avery borrow the bike carrier. I am excited to try it soon.