Grammie & Papa Hadley & Aunt Lori are here visiting...

We have been having lots and lots of fun with Grammie & Papa Hadley & Aunt Lori this past week.  They arrived on Saturday with BoBo the bear for Ethan, he was very excited to see all of them and gave Grammie a very big hug when she got out of the car (we haven't seen them since Christmas but will get to see them all again this coming Christmas).

Aunt Lori helped Daddy make BoBo the bear several years ago.

Sunday morning we left bright and early for a trip to Seattle to see their first MLB game (Mariners vs Kansas City Royals), Pike Street Market and the Space Needle.  It was quite a different experience for us compared to going to a RedSox game but we had a great time and Ethan had all kinds of activities that Aunt Lori brought with her to entertain him as well as snacks.

Grammie, Ethan & Papa.

 Aunt Lori & Ethan...loving the Cracker Jacks!

Visiting the Space Needle.

Monday morning we took a ferry ride from Edmonds, WA, to Kingston, WA, then drove to Port Angeles, WA, parked the car and rode the Victoria Express Ferry to Victoria, B.C.

Victoria B.C.
 We had a wonderful time visiting Canada.  We did A LOT of walking and got a bus pass for some of our traveling but overall it was a great trip!

 Victoria Harbor with the Empress Hotel in the background.

 Dusty Road Ice Cream Sundae and Rootbeer floats and shakes at the Soda Shoppe.

 Craigdarroch Castle

And finally...

These is an awesomely beautiful place to visit.  Jeff and I have been there twice now.  It has so much awe and the dedication and green thumbs of the caretakers is incredible.

We borrowed a camera lens from a friend for our camera and got some really beautiful close ups.
Sunken Garden

E had to show off his belly for us.

Mama Hadley & Jeff

Ethan & Grammie.

Papa & Grammie

You can see the bee looking for pollination.

Ethan & Papa strolling through the roses.

The Japanese Gardens

We made it back home on Wednesday afternoon and with Grammie & Papa's help, while Aunt Lori kept Ethan entertained, we started paving the cobblestone pathway, which will soon wrap around the deck and will also be the home for the fire pit.

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