We have had a glorious weekend spending almost all of it outside in the sun....we set the firepit in a temporary home, finished the trailer, built the sandbox frame, set all the holes for the canopy (now just need cement filling and the anchors placed), moved the firewood to its new box, tilled up the ground for the watermelon, corn, blueberries and cucumber garden box and lounged in the swimming pool.

Ethan is a big helper!

Many years ago when Jeff and I lived in Hillsboro we purchased this trailer from a neighbor for something like $80.  Jeff told me he bought it one afternoon as he and the neighbor were pulling it across the street into our yard and I looked at him will a very confused look on my face of..."you did what?"  It needed to be completely overhauled down to the frame.  We did some minor work to it to make it function but not much more than that.  A couple of weeks ago we went to dispose of some yard debris so that we could get started on the many trips to get rocks and since we have had nonstop rain, when Jeff stepped on it to get rid of the debris his foot went through the floor and so we came home with a completely bare trailer taking off everything and leaving it at the dump.  Last weekend we painted the frame and this weekend we painted the new boards and put it all together.  Next weekend we will be doing many, many trips to the gravel yard for sand and rocks.  

Ethan is going to love his sandbox!!

Lounging in the pool...

Daddy needed to cool off after a long, hot day in the sun...guess we need a bigger pool!

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Stephanie said...

Looks like a lot of work! It's coming together though- can't wait to visit someday! Your sandbox will be fun for Ethan, but watch those neighborhood cats!!! ;}