Summer.....oh how glad we are to see you!!!

We have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to trade in our jackets and rain boors for shorts and sandals and finally the time has arrived.  Yesterday and today we spent some of our day at two different parks playing with friends and having so much fun being outside.  Yesterday Ethan also helped me weed the garden and water all the plants and this weekend we will be once again working in the yard getting the sandbox frame ready as well as cementing in the forms for the canopy.

  Ethan, Jen & Rubie (our neighbors) playing on the swings on Tuesday.  Rubie will be 2 in October and Ethan will be 3 next week, but they are both about the same size.

Today we met Hunter and Petyon at Happy Valley Park.  
All three boys have such a good time together.

Playing in the sandbox with Hunter.

Ethan and Peyton both really like the slide.

Then we went for 99 cent waffle cones at TCBY.
A fun day was had by all and we are looking forward to spending much more time outdoors.

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