Hit & Run....If I don't get you karma will!

Last evening Jeff, Ethan and I were heading over to pick up our friend, Chiyo, to go to dinner and were hit & run a couple blocks from her house.  Everyone is fine and there is actually very minimal damage to my awesome car, not so much luck for the hit & run driver though. 

We were slowing to a stop for a red light and in my rearview mirror I could see her weaving in an out of traffic and screwing off, she then slammed into the back of me, backed up, went around my car in the turn lane long enough to stare me down and me get a good look at her while yelling at her and then drove off.  Jeff and I were both out of the car and got the description of the car and her license plate number while other drivers around us drove by and yelled for us to get out of the way....thanks for the help people, glad we were okay...some people!  She did, however, hit me hard enough to wrap her front license plate around my trailer hitch cover leaving it at the scene as well as a paper cover of the dealer she purchased the car from so I am crossing my fingers that they will be able to find her and she will have to pay for her crime.

   There is just a few scrapes and paint from her car, which was black primer over red paint, but there is a cut in the bumper on the left-hand side.

One of the policemen that came jokingly said he would have hit my trailer hitch too as he graduated from BYU, the rival school to U of U. 


The Springer's said...

What a psycho! She'll get what's comin'. Glad you all are okay

Brittney said...

I am so glad that you guys are okay and that you got her license plate. Karma is awesome when it works for you. Your cement pad looks really good. We need to come and visit when you have finished your yard. Oh and awesome job on your race. One of these days I will get myself to run.

The Houston Family said...

Only in oregon would someone be so polite as to leave their license plate at the scene of a hit and run. That is kind of funny. I would like to be a fly on the wall when she get's that phone call!