Daddy's off work for 10 days...what can we get done!?!

First, this past weekend mommy went off with the girls for a fun-filled, relaxing girls weekend with 7 wonderful women.  Daddy and Ethan had a great time themselves staying up late, making cookies and a gingerbread house and even finding a new game on Xbox for Ethan, Snoopy Airplane, which E thinks is the funniest thing ever to crash snoopy into the mountains....wierd.

Amy #1, myself & Amy #2...love these girls!!

Amy #2, Gentry & Jill

Today we started working on the back yard.  This is a project that has been in the works for many years and still has a long way to go but hopefully soon we will have an awesome backyard to play in. Memorial Day weekend we moved 3 trees to the back fence so that we can somewhat block the house behind us.  Today Ben & Chuck came to remove and replaced the cement and move some dirt around for us.  
Thanks so much guys, we really appreciate it!

Before....crappy broken deck.

After...wonderful, level, nonbroken, larger cement pad.

Ethan was LOVING his long ride with Ben.

Then off for a ride in the dump truck.

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