Last summer Ethan, Copper and I stayed 6 weeks in Utah visiting our family and while we were staying with G&G Hadley, Ethan found the strawberry patch in front of their house and ate probably every strawberry he could find.  This year we bought some strawberry plants and today we picked our first little taste....I think I am going to have a problem on my hands with this one.

We have also picked some radishes from our garden and the peas, beets, spinach and carrots are coming up nicely, now if I could just keep the snails/slugs away.

This summer (if it every gets here) we are working on redoing the whole back yard.  We replaced our sinking cement patio with a wood deck a few years ago and last week we replaced the broken cement slab just off the garage.  We have moved several trees/bushes from around the yard to the back fence to help block the neighbors house as best as possible and currently we are working on tilling up the yard so we can put in a sandbox for Ethan, new grass, and also a rocked area to house our covered canopy for the 4wheeler and yard tools and our newly painted trailer (pictures of the trailer to come when it is finished).

The tree right in the center of the picture will be moving south about 5 feet to help shade the new cement pad and the fire pit to come. 
Ethan's sandbox will be in the corner of the yard (the left corner of this picture).

Here is where the covered canopy and trailer will be housed just behind the garage.

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The Springer's said...

That's going to look awesome when you're done, I can't wait to see the finished product!