Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan!!!

We are so blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful little guy in our lives.  It is amazing how much he has changed over the last three years and what a character he is.  He entertains us daily and we are sure the best is yet to come.  We love you Ethan!!

10 months old.

21 months old.


Yesterday we started off the celebration with a birthday party with friends at Oaks Park.  Ethan had lots of fun riding the rides with his friends and then we had a picnic and red velvet cupcake cones.

Me, Ethan, Peyton & Nicole.

Jen & Rubie.

Ethan & Rubie holding hands.

Rubie & Ethan driving the car, this was Rubie's first ride.

Ethan & Peyt both love the rides.

Amy & Hunter.

Train ride around the park.

and then a picnic in the park.

He got some fun-filled gifts from his friends....
Sandbox toys from Peyton & Nicole...which he made use of as soon as we got home in the dirt since we won't have sand for a couple more days.

A Toy Story Slip n' Slide, Play-doh and a kite from Hunter & Amy, which he helped daddy mow the lawn last night so that he can try it out today.

And Toy Story goggles and a Buzz Lightyear kick board for the swimming pool from Jen & Rubie.

Then last night when daddy got home from work we gave him his Lightening McQueen bicycle.  He was so excited to ride it and woke up this morning talking about it.  The pedals are going to take him a while but he loves it.

More gifts to come later today...so pictures will be posted this evening.

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george said...

Happy B-day Ethan. It looks like you guys are going all out. Keep it up yo.