Additional birthday pictures...

Ethan was ecstatic about the Woody doll and tag jr books he got from Grammy Berg & Papa Steve.  He carried him around all day along with Riley.
A real metal shovel for digging in the sandbox from Grammy & Papa Hadley, he also made good use of it last evening in the dirt helping daddy.

Puzzles are definitely a big hit with Ethan from Violet, a co-worker's little girl that works for Jeff.

And a huge puzzle and 4th of July shirt from Aunt Lori.

And along with his bike from Mommy & Daddy, we got him a Toy Story Shake n' Go with Woody, two tag jr. books and Tinker Toys...not sure who is more excited about the Tinker Toys, although Daddy was bummed that they are plastic instead of wood but fun nonetheless.

Thanks so much to all our friends and family who love and support our family, we are sad that we are so far away from our family and all you get to see are pictures instead of the expressions and surprise when he opened your gifts, but glad to have great friends close by to share this experience with.  We love you all!

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