New pictures of Charlie...and the rest of our weekend.

All the boys are having lots of fun and adjusting well.  Poor Charlie does needs some sleep though and unlikely to get much with Ethan around, he looks so tired in all the pictures.  Both Charlie and Copper are sleeping on their pillows at night and Jeff and I are having a much better nights sleep with a new mattress for us, since we were sinking in the last one, and no dogs on the bed.


Nap time yesterday, they were all worn out.

We are finally starting to see the yard come together, all of our hard work, sweat and hand blisters are starting to make a noticeable difference.  This weekend we worked on sprinklers as well as placing the cement curbing to separate the rocked area from the grass area.  We have had the supplies in our garage for the front sprinklers for the last 8 years when we did the front flower beds but wanted to wait until we could do both front and back yard, so we rented a trencher on Saturday and started the process.  The front yard is done and now back to normal and the back yard is trenched and will be done soon.  We are both looking forward to the rapidly approaching day when we can sit back on our patio chairs, roast some marshmallows and enjoy all our effort.

This view along the back fence.  Ethan's sandbox is in the NW corner of the yard, the trees and rocks all the way across the back fence meeting up with the eventual home for the trailer in the NE corner of the yard, which is next to the covered canopy behind the garage.  

 Fun in the sandbox.

 Front yard trenching.

 The sun came out and all my flowers are now in bloom...love it!

 Ethan helping Daddy fill back up the trenches he just dug out in the back yard.

Ethan and Daddy playing in the new sprinklers.

Any my newly stained deck, just have the railings left to stain and my shoe cabinet to paint.

Uncle Doug is coming to visit us this Wednesday so we will be taking this weekend off and heading to Seattle for our annual trip to watch the RedSox play the Mariners!!


The Springer's said...

The pic of Ethan and Charlie is so cute!

Stephanie said...

Your yard looks amazing! It IS a ton of work, but the pay off is great! Your flowers are beautiful!

george said...

awesome job guys. Your yard is starting to look amazing. Well more amazing. It has always looked amazing. Charlie huh,...he's a cute one.

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

What fun photos! ^.^

-French Bean