%'s & all smiles!!!

Ethan had his 3-year check up with Dr. Bob this morning and he did awesome!  He is now 27.5 pounds (10th percentile) and 36.5 inches tall (25th percentile).  Dr. Bob was impressed with him and how well he was doing...with exception of him tripping yesterday and the driveway meeting his face causing a pretty good scrape, but that definitely won't be the last time that happens for sure.

Yesterday we also had one more day off work and put up Ethan's slip n' slide to give it a try...not quite warm enough, it was probably only 65 degrees for the day, but he had a fun time anyway.  It is supposed to finally start warming up into the 90's this week so I am sure we will be trying it out again really soon. 

Later that afternoon Daddy pulled him along on his 
new bicycle to help him get used to pedaling.
It's going to be a great summer with all smiles!!!

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