Field Day 2013

I was able to take a day off of work to help Ethan's school with Field Day and oh what a fun time they had.  Mr. Z, the PE teacher, had 15 different field activities set up for the event and I tagged along with Ethan's class after helping get it set up.  It was also crazy hat & sock day at school for Spirit week. 

 The kid in the black shirt is Ethan's babysitter, Joel.  He is an awesome kid who Ethan really enjoys spending time with.  He is an 8th grader and will be graduating from St. Therese this year and starting high school in the fall. 

 Ethan's turn at walking with the balloon between his legs...funny as could be and he popped 4 balloons before even walking 10 feet. 

 Tug-o-war...Ethan's teacher, Ms. Brocka is in the picture below.  He will still get to see her next year but will miss having her as his teacher. 

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