Woody, are you missing something?

Apparently it wasn't a Kong piece, as I found both Kongs full together on Saturday, so I have no idea what it was that he threw up at the beginning of this whole adventure.  It has been a really long last 6 days with little Charlie.  Friday and Saturday we continued with the daily dose of IV fluids with him still not eating or drinking anything and nothing exiting either.  He has been a completely different dog, hardly moving at all, and looking so sad and uncomfortable.  Jeff took him to the vet on Saturday and decided that Monday they would try doing x-rays and barium to see if they could see the blockage.  They called me to say that they had found something on the x-rays, which they thought might be a bone...not surprising if you heard about the raw chicken incident from over a month ago...but they decided that as it was stuck it would be best to sedate him and try to get whatever it was out.  However, they took him outside right before putting him under and he was able to poop it out.....OUCH! No wonder he was uncomfortable. 
Of course, who would know what this was...except for Mommy.  Apparently, Woody should have kept better hold of his holster and told Charlie "you're not supposed to eat me."  Honestly, what else can we do with our little pica eater?!?  We took him back in this morning, as he still had something showing up as being in his stomach on the x-rays, and they thought they might have to open him up today in order to scope him.  He seemed back to his old self before taking him in there this morning and the barium went through like it should have, so they tried to induce vomiting to see if something came out without any luck.  We brought him home this evening, and after not eating for nearly a week, he sucked some rice and egg down like his regular vacuum self so we are hopeful that he will be fine from here on out. 
Definitely not reattaching the holster...sorry Woody!  We are crossing our fingers and toes that this will be the last of Charlie's extremely expensive visits to the vet.  I think he is now afraid of going in there.


Billy said...

Poor puppy! Maybe that will teach him. We found all kinds of interesting things when we used the pooper scooper for Daisy Duke. I think the most painful would have been the tinfoil.

The Springer's said...

I'm so glad he's better!