The boy

We are back in daily swim lessons for the next two weeks and he is getting better daily.  I made a really crappy video with my cell phone at yesterday's lesson.  He loves the water and now thinks it is fun to put his face under the water.
He also is practicing lots of other things as well such as dressing himself...
And apparently no pants are needed.  Love the knee-high socks with undies look.  Earlier this morning I had socks on that I didn't want to take off so I just put my flip flops on with my socks on to take the garbage out to the street.  I came back into the garage and E told me that it was not ok to wear socks with flip flops...and now he is wearing knee-highs with crocs...technically not sandals but the same thought should have applied.

He has also figured out how to add...he comes up to J and I regularly with what does 3+2 equal, holding up 3 fingers on one hand and 2 fingers on the other hand.  We practice counting his fingers and he is getting pretty good at adding several different numbers.  I think he is going to like math.

His antics keep me laughing several times a day, here is my current list:

I don't know how to play damnfarts (aka lawndarts).

Mommy, why are you wearing pajamas?  (I was wearing a dress, one of only a handful of times in his life, but I don't wear a nightgown either so not sure why he thought they were Pjs).

Daddy, I want to go to your house to work.  (He thinks because Mommy works from home that Daddy goes to a different house to work).

Mommy:  If you want something to eat you need to eat some fruit or something, not junk.
Ethan's response:  We can't eat junk, junk is penis and we don't eat that (as he starts to pull it out to show me).

You're not my mommy, you are the girl with yeyo hair.  (The day before this I was the girl with red pants, both of which are characters from Indiana Jones Lego game).  His newest question to anyone he comes in contact with is, what character do you want to be?)

E: "The fly is chasing me mommy, die him.

 We had several of our friends over this past Sunday for a bbq and E had a great time playing with his best buddies, Hunter and Peyton.  Funny that Ethan and Peyton are the same height as long as Peyton is sitting on the chair.

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